Why Does My Cat Eat Grass? – Amazing Cattery Answers


One of the most commonly asked questions by cat owners and admirers alike is “why do cats eat grass”?

We posted the question on our Facebook page and within minutes and many comments. It seems such a weird behaviour especially as the cat is likely to throw up a fur ball shortly afterwards.

So, why DO cats eat grass? Here’s what we have found out from cat experts.

First of all it seems that this is perfectly OK behaviour and is nothing to worry about. Cats rarely eat large amounts of grass anyway, so it seems that eating a bit of grass can’t harm your cat. Now as far as the reasons “WHY” are concerned, it seems to be that even the experts disagree on this and there really is no definite answer.

Theory 1

The number one theory supported by various experts must be that it is to act as a natural laxative, to prevent indigestion and aid in bringing up fur balls.

Theory 2

Another of the most commonly supported theories is that this is to add some vitamins and nutrients to their usually carnivorous diet. Folic acid? Vitamin C?

Theory 3

What if it is simply because they enjoy it? Some experts suggest that cats nibble on grass simply because they want to. (To do something simply ‘because they like it’ sounds perfectly fitting to a cat, if you ask me…)