Here are a few examples of feedback we receive from the new cat owners

“I picked up my little one (now named Finn) from you a few days before Christmas in Sydney, and I just wanted to send you a quick email to give you an update on him! He’s just devine, thank you! He’s an absolute amazing addition to our little family.

Having never owned a cat before, I’m amazed at how intelligent and how beautiful his personality is. He picked up the game fetch really quickly and brings the balls back right to us! He loves to wake us up with a snuggle about 10-15 mins before my alarm goes off, and he’s always constantly wanting to play. He’s not a lap cat anymore (we think cause it’s summer), and doesn’t like to be held for long periods but we couldn’t be happier with him. He’s like my own little puppy dog in a cats body! He is one well looked after and loved kitten.

Thank you again for breeding such awesome kittens!”
(Riahne Carruthers)

“Just to let you know our beautiful kitten… whom we have renamed Dolly… is growing by the day and is the most gorgeous little animal.

She is so intelligent and is learning all sorts of games. We are both besotted with her… as are my music students who I now say come as much to play with Dolly as to play music with me.”
(Diana and Cam Ford, Moss Vale)

“Mollie has settled in extremely well and after 1 week is is very comfortable in her surroundings. She has a beautiful nature and temperament and is Georgia’s (our 6 year old daughter) best friend.

We are very happy with her!”
(James Birdsall)