Here’s Poppy, a lovely Ragdoll. It’s simply awesome to hear that our kittens are finding such good homes where they are looked after, loved and …spoilt :) …and being spoilt is Ragdoll h-e-a-v-e-n…

This is from Marie, Poppy’s human :)

“…Hope this email finds you both well and still breeding those beautiful ragdolls.

Beautiful Ragdoll called PoppyI just really wanted to touch base and say g’day and show you a few pics of my grown up baby Poppy. She is just as adorable as ever, still chatty, still ever so playful, I don’t know if I mentioned to you that we play fetch and she brings back the piece of foil. Out of all the lovely toys I bought her she is happy enough for me to roll up a piece of foil and chase it around the house… I moved our bed the other day to vaccum and there was about 30 rolled up pieces of foil, god love her.

… Anyway, been a proud mum I had to do a show and tell, here are some photos of my pride and joy, please enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you with some advice.

All the best,
regards Marie”