Maine Coon – large, gentle and friendly – the perfect cat for you?


Maine Coon Cats are THE largest domesticated cat breed. Adult Maine Coon males can easily weigh 6-8kg and females 4-6 kg. The square muzzles, high cheeckbones, round eyes, large ears along with strong muscular legs add to the handsome appearance of this breed. (KITTENS AVAILABLE – continue reading…)

Their temperament is kind and gentle. And although they do require some maintenance, you can not call a Maine Coon a high maintenance breed – more like ‘medium’.

Maine Coons get well along with children as they seem to maintain their kitten-like playful disposition throughout their life. They are friendly and gentle rather than demanding. They make EXCELLENT pets for families and cat enthusiasts alike. Expected life span is 13 years +

The name Maine Coon comes from the assumption that they have originated in Maine, US. Most breeders today think that the Maine Coon is the result of crossings between domestic shorthairs and longhairs (perhaps Angoras) introduced to America in the late 1700s by New England seamen or Vikings. In Australia, Maine Coon is a rather new arrival as a breed.

Like most cats, a balanced mixed diet is best. And fresh water available at all times is a simple MUST.

We currently have three Maine Coon kittens available (at the time of writing, about 5 weeks old – in photo about 3 weeks old)
1) Silver Tabby Male (black silver classic tabby and white)
2) Brown Tabby Male
3) Silver Tabby Female (black silver classic tabby and white)

Cost: $1,000