It’s a tough life being a Ragdoll


Simba is a young Ragdoll recently adopted to a new home and doing AWESOMELY well. Judging by Vicki’s email Amazing Chocolate Alex, renamed Simba, has “wrapped his new people right around his paws already”. Well done Simba!

It is a tough, tough life being a ragdoll cat. Amazing Chocolate Alex is settling in beautifully, making himself right at home now and so very patient with the kids, we love him to bits.

He is not very lion like so we are thinking that instead of Simba, maybe we should call him China, for his Wedgewood china blue eyes and white fur – what do you think?



At Amazing Cattery we simply love to hear that Burmese, Ragdoll, Sphynx and Siamese kittens adopted from us are doing so well and finding loving forever homes. Please keep the emails and photos coming!