Invitation to come visit our cat show this Saturday the 25th of August

Hi All,

This is a invitation to come visit our cat show this Saturday the 25th of August At the Hubertus Country Club 205 Adams Road Luddenham.

The show is called Sparkle ‘N’ Bling and I am sure it is going to be a great show full of fun and I know there will be plenty of sparkle and bling on both the cats and the exhibitors. LOL

The show is a afternoon show starting at 1pm and we are all having dinner there at 5.30pm – all are welcome to join us for dinner the food is fantastic.

As usual TFA has flown in judges from all over the country so we have different judges judging at every show. Since I started showing in 1995 I have never experinced such a huge variety of judges llke I have done since joining TFA. It has been a breath of fresh air.

The Judges for this show are:

Lesley Morgan Blythe cats Tasmania
Penny Bydlinski FIFE Queensland
Carolyn Pawsey GCCV Victoria

I am so looking forward to the show as I am showing a couple of cats that these judges have not seen before.
This is one of the many advantages of TFA that the judges are different every show so you get lots of different opinions and your cats win because the are the best. Not because of who owns them or that the judge see them win every show and put them up to follow the other judges trends.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Cheers Aaron.