How to look after your kitten: The new home


Finally being able to bring your new kitten home is exciting time!

It is also a big change both for you and the kitten. Although we are certain that your kitten will receive best possible care and a loving home with you, here are a few tips to help the transition go as smooth as possible.

Ideally, before bringing your new kitten home, you would have done a few, simple preparations for it.


Check that your home is safe for your new kitten. Cats and kittens are naturally inquisitive and adventurous. Don’t leave sharp objects lying around. Lock away strong cleaning agents. Some pot plants also are poisonous to cats, too, the umbrella plant or digitalis, for example. What about open windows or balconies?

The Cosy Place

Cats and kittens usually prefer and feel the most secure in small, warm and comfortable places. This gives you an idea of the kind of bed to get for your kitten to spend – from the very first night onwards. It does not necessarily have to be one bought from a pet store and can be something as simple as a cardboard box with a soft pillow for cushioning. Whatever you choose, it must be dedicated to your new kitten – it’s very own special place.

Food and Water

Offer your kitten food that it is used to. When you take your new kitten home along with it’s pedigree papers and health records, we also provide you with instructions about the kind of diet your kitten is used to. It is important not to change the diet too quickly, as it can cause an upset tummy.

Make sure fresh water is available.


By the time your kitten is ready to move in with you, it’s mother has taught it some very important skills – including toileting.

After arriving home, place your kitten into the litter tray every few hours, simply to remind it where the little tray is and to go to toilet. Have the litter tray close enough at night, easily reachable for the kitten. Never have the litter tray near the food bowl. It is important for cats to keep toilet and eating areas separate.

Exploring the New Home

Your new kitten will most likely to be eager to explore its’ new home. This is a great opportunity to bond together. Let your kitten investigate and talk to it reassuringly.


If you have young children, they are most likely eager to get to know the new kitten – sometimes a little too eager. Introductions should happen gradually. Teach your children that the new kitten is not a toy and when the kitten is sleeping, it should not be disturbed. Allow the kitten to investigate on its’ own – let IT go to the child rather than the child chase after the kitten. Never force the kitten to go to your child’s lap.

Kittens are wonderful creatures! Enjoy, bond and be happy!