How to look after your kitten – a book recommendation


There are loads of books for cat owners – some great, others not so much. Here’s a pretty good one we came across.

“Kittens – A guide to selection, care, nutrition, behaviour, ‘trainig’ and health” (produced by About Pets)

I really liked their GOLDEN RULES for a good relationship with your cat / kitten.

1. Your cat will always be your best friend

2. A cat does not have human comprehension and can’t think logically. But it will remember bad experiences.

3. If owner and cat spend a lot of time together, an emotional bond will develop.

4. Every cat is unique in terms of its ability to learn, adapt and relate to humans.

5. A cat owner must discover the cat’s personality, adapt to it and then form and develop it.

6. A cat will learn to adapt to humans and will closely watch human body talk.

7. Tact and love must always inform the way you treat your cat.

8. A cat possesses a strong hunting instinct. It displays this every time it plays with you. Apart from this, playing together strengthens the bond between you and your cat.

9. Reward and punishment, given just at the right moment, produce the bets results. Hitting a cat is never acceptable. It will only have the opposite effect to what you hoped to achieve.

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