How to look after my kitten / cat: Vaccinations


Regular vaccination is an important part of routine health care for your kitten and cat. It helps to ensure your cat remains fit, well and healthy.

When your new kitten is ready to go home with you (usually around the age of 10 – 12 weeks), Amazing Cattery has made sure it has received all the vet checks and health care required to the date.

However, to keep vaccinations up to date annual boosters are required in order to maintain immunity. The Certification of Vaccination that is included in the New Kitten Care Package that you will receive, has dates for the next required vaccination. Make sure to diarise the date as it is important to provide booster vaccinations when due.

After a vaccination, it may take up to 2 weeks for the protection “to be effective”. It is best to isolate your kitten, or cat, during this period. Vaccines are usually harmless, however, if your kitten shows signs of illness after vaccination, make sure to contact the vet immediately for consultation.