How to look after my kitten / cat: Feeding


In order to ensure good health for your new kitten, it is important to pay careful attention to feeding.

Did you know that cats are lactose intolerant and milk should never be given as a drink to your kitten?

Please make sure that fresh water is always available for your kitten. It may be a good idea to give your kitten chicken necks once a week, to help to keep gums and teeth clean. Overall we recommend that you feed your kitten a similar diet to what it is already used to. Changing diet too quickly may cause diarrhea.

Here at Amazing Cattery we feed our kittens with a variety of fresh and commercial foods. Fresh water and Royal Canin biscuits are always availabel throughout the day. A variety of fresh meat is fed morning and night. A variety of different foods is mixed in with the meat to help maintain balancet diet. These include for example: grated carrot, egg, tuna, salmon and grated cheese. A tablespoon of Whiskas will help to keep the coat shiny.

Cheers to healthy kittens!
>^..^< Meow!