How to look after my kitten / cat: Nails


An outdoor cat scratches a lot on trees and poles. This is to keep nails (claws) under control and at the right lenght.

However, your new pure breed kitten, whether a Ragdoll, Siamese, Burmese or Sphynx, is quite likely to spend most of it’s time indoors – especially if you live in a city. A scratching pole comes handy for the indoor cat. Keeps the nails under control (more or less) AND saves your furniture…!!!

You should inspect and trim the long nails of an indoor cat regularly. Cutting nails is also part of standard grooming process before a cat show. Here’s a few tips for cutting your cat’s nails.

1. Choose solid nail cutters.

2. A good grip is essential, as your feline friend may not be so amused by the nail cutting.

3. Embrace your kitten / cat comfortably on your lap.

4. Hold the paw firmly in your hand.

5. Softly press on the paw to expose the nails and cut them one at a time.

6. Be VERY careful not to cut too much, or you might cut into the blood vessels and cause some pretty bad bleeding.

7. Your cat may not exactly love the process, but When you hold your cat “confidently” (firmly, but gently) and work through each paw and nail, it should be relaxed and still in your lap.