How to look after my kitten / cat: 10 tips every cat owner should know

How to look after my kitten or cat: 10 tips every cat owner should know and follow.

1. Once you have decided to get a cat, do your research and purchase a kitten only from a reputable, licensed breeder (such as Amazing Cattery).

2. Prepare your home – is it pet safe?

3. Read through the care manual (given to you from the cattery when taking your new kitten home) and follow it’s advice.

4. Offer your kitten / cat a balanced diet to make sure it gets all the nutrients.

5. Make sure your cat receives annual boosters for immunisation.

6. Take your cat to regular vet checks to make sure your cat is healthy, and has no worms.

7. Maintain good hygiene. Make sure that the litter tray, food and water dishes and grooming equipment are always clean and well maintained.

8. Do not let your cat out overnight or outside on it’s own for long periods of time.

9. Groom your cat daily. Not only you will notice any skin issues sooner, but it also is a great way to bond and pamper your cat.

10. Never try to diagnose any health problems yourself. If in doubt about the health of your cat, consult a vet as soon as possible.