Home made cat toys


Cats love to play! They love to pounce and chase and swat.

Pet shops, internet sites and supermarkets are full of choice for toys for your kitten / cat. Which one to choose? Or perhaps you should make some by yourself?

We had two young and keen volunteers create a few toys that they thought would be interesting and appealing to a cat. Three of the Amazing Cattery cats happily volunteered to test the toys: Sophie-Marie, a lovely and sophisticated Burmese lady that was awarded title: the Entire Cat of the year 2011. Exquisite – an intelligent, and expecting, Siamese Queen. And a young seal point Ragdoll boy – “Prince”.

Sophie-Marie‘s favourite was a simple toy that was made from a decorated empty toilet paper roll and tied to a long ribbon. The great little toy allows for both the cat and the owner (in this case a young child) to play together. The beautiful Burmese lady would not stop pouncing and catching the toy. Oh, what fun!

A pregnant Exquisite was on a playful mood, too and seemed more than happy to test the toys. Her favourite was a colourful ‘pom-pom’ tied to a long ribbon. You could see her hunting instincts emerge as she run after the ‘pom-pom’ and ‘punish’ as if it was a mouse.

The least impressed by the home made toy collection was Prince, the young Ragdoll. He was curious about the toys and carefully pushed them with his paw, but was unsure to try anything more adventurous and was more in a mood for a good cuddle.

At the end, I simply can’t tell, who had more fun – the children making the toys and proudly presenting them to the cats or the cats themselves.

Providing a variety of toys and “allowable activities” for your cat keeps them interested and your furniture safe :)