Hela – social media voice for Amazing Cattery

Introducing – Hela, cat lover, mother and the online “voice” for Amazing Cattery.

Tell us about your first cat?
I was 11 and visiting friends when their neighbours invited us in to show their tiny kittens. I immediately fell in love with Bianca. She was all white with a tiny grey mark on her forehead (which funny enough later faded away). It took me quite a few tears and negotiations with my parents to finally allow me to adopt that little one.

She had the most amazing coat. Everyone was amazed that this stunning all white cat was not albino (we did not mention the little grey mark when she was just a kitten) and that she was “just a plain domestic one”.

Your funniest cat experience
Back in Scandinavia most people have wood heated saunas in their houses. It was winter time and everyone was fighting for the warmest spot in the house. The sauna had been on the previous night, so the sauna stove was still nicely warm.

That day everyone was wondering where Bianca could be hiding again. In the afternoon, from behind the sauna stove emerged not a beautiful white cat but one TOTALLY covered in black soot!!! I was not experienced in bathing a cat, and Bianca did not like it at all. I have never been scratched like that in my life!

What is your favourite cat breed?
I like all sorts of cats. And my love for cats was ignited by a “simple domestic one”. I like Ragdolls for their calm nature. Burmese have something “aristocratic” and lofty about them. And more recently I have come to adore the Sphynx. And I must say they are my favourite cat now. The sphynx are so intelligent and there are no words for the feeling when you touch their amazing coat. I hear the next Sphynx kittens will be in September. Putting your name down in waiting list is not a bad idea… not bad at all.

How did you meet Aaron?
Well expressed in three words: cats, kittens, cats