Happy Birthday, Poppy!


Poppy is one spoilt and one very happy Ragdoll. She recently celebrated her 1st birthday. Here is a message from her owner, Marie.

“Poppy is our world, she is such a clever cat, she talks to us with her different tones of meowing, she fetches and she always wants to be with you, if you disappear out of her sight she comes looking for you. We were blessed with having our Tabby cat “Lucy” for 16 years but I can honestly say that I would never get anything else other than a ragdoll cat.

I can’t thank you enought Aaron for bringing her into our lives, if anyone is considering getting a cat, I can honestly say that if you want a cat who will love you just as much as you love them, then a Ragdoll is for you.

It’s wonderful Aaron that I can contact you with any concerns or worries and that you are always there with your wonderful advice.”

It makes our hearts “purr” to hear that our kittens and cats are doing so well and have found warm, loving families. Please keep the emails and photos coming, they make our day!