Grooming for a Cat Show – Bathing your cat


As a general rule cats don’t have to be bathed. Or at least they don’t have to be bathed often. Cats lick their coats and this way wash and keep themselves clean.

One of the times when you would want to bathe a cat is before an important cat show. Cutting nails, cleaning the ears and eyes as well as bathing make your cat look its absolute best for the show.

This is one our young Ragdolls – Versace. He is a blue point ragdoll male and getting ready for his first show (where he did great!). Read about Versace’s first show results here

1. Rinse your cat thoroughly with pleasantly warm water

If your cat is not used to being washed, it can easily feel nervous and resist the whole process. Usually cats don’t like water and the feeling of being wet. Talk to your cat soothingly and use firm, but calm touch and manners.

2. Bring the cat shampoo to lather

Use high quality pet shampoo available at your local pet store. Work the shampoo into a soft lather and massage gently with your fingers.

Pay particular attention to the tail area with male cats. Wash the tail area carefully to remove any signs of stud tail.

3. Rinse carefully

Rinse all shampoo off carefully. Once again work through the entire coat systematically and use gentle stream of warm water and soft massaging action.

Keep checking that the water stays at the right temperature (around 27-30 degrees Celsius).

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3

To ensure best results and beautiful coat, it is recommendable to use two applications of pet shampoo. Work through the entire coat and bring to lather.

Make sure to wash all of the shampoo off. Good rising makes sure that the coat will be fluffy and full.

5. Towel dry your cat

Make sure your cat is not exposed to draft and cold when wet. Wrap it gently in warm, soft towel and and gently towel dry.

This is also a good time to check the cat’s ears and eyes and clean them with a soft tissue or cotton ball.

6. Patiently drying the coat

This step takes probably the longest. Patiently and thoroughly drying the coat. Use a hair dryer on mild heat (not too hot) and medium speed.

You may choose to brush the coat gently at the same time as you dry it with the dryer. As you work through the coat, you will see it getting fluffier and fuller.

Professional’s hint
Make sure to get the warm air blowing straight to the roots. This is the secret for a beautiful, thick coat.

This is also a great chance to examine the condition of your cat’s skin for possible signs of fleas, ticks, rashes or other conditions. Should you notice any concerning signs, please consult your vet immediately.

After your cats coat gets completely dry and your cat is starting to feel warm and totally relaxed, it most probably will decide to have a small nap…