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Sydney Easter Show 2013 Results for Amazing Cattery

Sydney Royal Easter Show Results

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Maine Coon – large, gentle and friendly – the perfect cat for you?


Maine Coon Cats are THE largest domesticated cat breed. Adult Maine Coon males can easily weigh 6-8kg and females 4-6 kg. The square muzzles, high cheeckbones, round eyes, large ears along with strong muscular legs add to the handsome appearance of this breed. (KITTENS AVAILABLE – continue reading…)

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Siamese Kittens Available – seal bi colour and seal tabby point siamese


These two lovely siamese boys were born to Wendy on 28th November 2012.

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Kittens Available – MAINE COON


These lovely youngsters are Maine Coon kittens.

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Amazing Cattery News – A HUGE decision

This has been a huge decision, but after 18 years of breeding many breeds of cats I have decided to reduce the number of breeds and cats.

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Why Does My Cat Eat Grass? – Amazing Cattery Answers


One of the most commonly asked questions by cat owners and admirers alike is “why do cats eat grass”?

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It’s a tough life being a Ragdoll


Simba is a young Ragdoll recently adopted to a new home and doing AWESOMELY well. Judging by Vicki’s email Amazing Chocolate Alex, renamed Simba, has “wrapped his new people right around his paws already”. Well done Simba!

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Home made cat toys


Cats love to play! They love to pounce and chase and swat.

Pet shops, internet sites and supermarkets are full of choice for toys for your kitten / cat. Which one to choose? Or perhaps you should make some by yourself?

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Happy Birthday, Poppy!


Poppy is one spoilt and one very happy Ragdoll. She recently celebrated her 1st birthday. Here is a message from her owner, Marie.

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Invitation to come visit our cat show this Saturday the 25th of August

Hi All,

This is a invitation to come visit our cat show this Saturday the 25th of August At the Hubertus Country Club 205 Adams Road Luddenham.

The show is called Sparkle ‘N’ Bling and I am sure it is going to be a great show full of fun and I know there will be plenty of sparkle and bling on both the cats and the exhibitors. LOL

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