Amazing Cat Owner Stories

Meet Morton, one adorable Maine Coon!


Thought we would share a lovely email from Jessica about one of our gorgeous Maine Coon kittens she adopted recently…

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It’s a tough life being a Ragdoll


Simba is a young Ragdoll recently adopted to a new home and doing AWESOMELY well. Judging by Vicki’s email Amazing Chocolate Alex, renamed Simba, has “wrapped his new people right around his paws already”. Well done Simba!

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Happy Birthday, Poppy!


Poppy is one spoilt and one very happy Ragdoll. She recently celebrated her 1st birthday. Here is a message from her owner, Marie.

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Here’s Poppy, a lovely Ragdoll. It’s simply awesome to hear that our kittens are finding such good homes where they are looked after, loved and …spoilt :) …and being spoilt is Ragdoll h-e-a-v-e-n…

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Isabella, an affectionate and intelligent Ragdoll


It is fantastic to hear that our kittens are finding good homes and are doing well. Please keep your photos and emails coming…

This month we are featuring Isabella

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Oscar a 2-year-old Ragdoll boy

OSCAR the 2yo Ragdoll boy

It is a privilege to be part of so many happy cat stories. Please keep them coming and we will feature you and your pet here on our blog, Facebook and Twitter.

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