Kittens Available – MAINE COON


These lovely youngsters are Maine Coon kittens.

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Amazing Cattery News – A HUGE decision

This has been a huge decision, but after 18 years of breeding many breeds of cats I have decided to reduce the number of breeds and cats.

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Kittens available: Chocolate Point Siamese Male


Siamese kitten available for adoption: Chocolate Point Siamese Male

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Why Does My Cat Eat Grass? – Amazing Cattery Answers


One of the most commonly asked questions by cat owners and admirers alike is “why do cats eat grass”?

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It’s a tough life being a Ragdoll


Simba is a young Ragdoll recently adopted to a new home and doing AWESOMELY well. Judging by Vicki’s email Amazing Chocolate Alex, renamed Simba, has “wrapped his new people right around his paws already”. Well done Simba!

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