Sydney Easter Show 2013 Results for Amazing Cattery

Sydney Royal Easter Show Results

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Meet Morton, one adorable Maine Coon!


Thought we would share a lovely email from Jessica about one of ourĀ gorgeousĀ Maine Coon kittens she adopted recently…

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Maine Coon – large, gentle and friendly – the perfect cat for you?


Maine Coon Cats are THE largest domesticated cat breed. Adult Maine Coon males can easily weigh 6-8kg and females 4-6 kg. The square muzzles, high cheeckbones, round eyes, large ears along with strong muscular legs add to the handsome appearance of this breed. (KITTENS AVAILABLE – continue reading…)

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Siamese Kittens Available – seal bi colour and seal tabby point siamese


These two lovely siamese boys were born to Wendy on 28th November 2012.

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Kittens Available: Burmese Boy Kitten (Blue)


We currently have one Burmese Kitten available for sale.

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