Awards and Media

Since 1995 our cats and kittens have won numerous awards.

  • Best of breed
  • Best in section
  • Best in group
  • First in top five
  • First in top ten
  • Best kitten in show
  • Best cat in show
  • Supreme exhibit in show
  • Kitten of the year
  • Cat of the year

We are very proud of our achievements and the high quality of the cats and kittens we have bred. We also continuously make sure that our cats and kittens have the very best temperament. We would love to see you at one of the many cat shows.

Click on gallery thumbnail to see larger images of some of the awards our cats and kittens have won recently.

Our cats have featured on Burke’s Backyard and Harry’s Practice many times. Our cats and kittens have also starred in many commercials and were also featured in Dr Katrina Warren’s book, Wondercat. See our Blog section of the website for latest media articles and advertisements featuring our cats.