Meet Morton, one adorable Maine Coon!


Thought we would share a lovely email from Jessica about one of our gorgeous Maine Coon kittens she adopted recently…


Hi Aaron,

I thought id give you an update on Morton, 14 weeks old. He’s doing great and is very playful and cuddly. He likes to collect my sons colourful toys and matchbox cars and puts them in his bed. We had him immunised and worming at the vets last week where he weighed in at 2.56kg! Big healthy boy. 


Thank You Jessica!!

Great news about Morton, so glad he is working out for your family and he is doing so well. Looking forward to hearing and seeing him as he grows!!

At Amazing Cattery we simply love to hear that Burmese, Ragdoll, Sphynx and Siamese kittens adopted from us are doing so well and finding loving forever homes. Please keep the emails and photos coming!